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To participate in the upgrade program, you must be currently using a BSM2 or BSM3, and must be using a S5100-compatible system. These include NSS evo2, NSS evo3, NSO evo2 and S2009/S2016. Please note that older Multifunction Display’s such as NSS Sport, NSE and NSO evo1 are not compatible with the S5100. Older Multifunction Display owners can still be eligible, if you upgrade your Multifunction Display to a compatible set.

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  • Three fully independent sonar channels deliver high-resolution coverage

  • Combine any three frequency ranges to target multiple depths, including Ultra-Low, Low, Medium, or High CHIRP

  • Compatible with wide-angle CHIRP transducers for greater coverage of the water column

  • Simultaneous split-screen viewing of multiple depth ranges on your display

  • Noise-free clarity at all depth ranges

  • "Our best ever high-performance CHIRP system yet"

Designed For Offshore Anglers That
Demand The Perfect Sportfishing Sonar

Since the introduction, we have received fantastic, positive reactions from users around the world. Today, the S5100 high-performance CHIRP sonar module is coming to you on May-1 with a 75% off Upgrade for qualified BSM-2 and BSM-3 owners. This upgrade is for a limited time only, and there are only a limited number of units available for Upgrade Program*. This offer is only open to people using their BSM-2 or BSM-3 with a Simrad branded products.

Reserve your S5100 high-performance CHIRP sonar module by contacting us today. Once you reserve, our team will contact you with Program Details, Eligibility Requirements, and Support Contacts. Once you receive your new S5100, have it installed and begin to use and enjoy we have your back, and want to hear back from you.

The S5100 high-performance CHIRP sonar module is compatible with NSS evo2, NSS evo3, and NSO evo2 sportfishing systems as well as S2009/S2016 fishfinders. The best way to experience the unprecedented views of the S5100 high-performance CHIRP sonar module is on a new generation NSS evo3 MFD. Get the best of S5100 on a new widescreen SolarMax™ HD display.

Sonar Super Users Speak Out

We asked six seasoned Skippers for their thoughts on the importance of sonar and how the S5100 performs.

S5100 Sonar Module Screenshots

These screenshots of S5100 output were captured on a Simrad Multifunction Display.

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*Offer ends 31st July, while stocks last.
This offer is only open to people using their BSM-2 or BSM-3 with a Simrad branded products.